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  • Apple- provides a sweet fruit flavor to most meats,fowl, wild game but especially good for pork.
  • Cherry- is used for all types of meat and like apple, it provides a mild, sweet, fruity flavor to foods.
  • Beech- a lighter wood that provides a delicate, mild taste to most all foods.
  • Hickory- is more common in the South. Hickory has a strong, smoky bacon flavor and can be used for all types of meats, excellent with pork.
  • Maple- provides a mild, smoky, and slightly sweet taste to pork, fowl and wild game.
  • Peach- is similar to Hickory but much milder and has sweeter flavor. Excellent for pork and fowl.
  • Pecan- is very popular in the South. It provides a flavor similar to hickory, but not as strong. It is delicious with pork,fowl, beef and wild game. Try with salmon for a delicious change.
  • Red Oak- bestows the most full-bodied taste and a deeper level of flavor. Excellent for all types of meats.
  • White Oak- has a subtle magnificent flavor that allows the true taste of meats to come forth. It is ideal for beef, pork and wild game that requires an extended cooking time.

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